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Special Systems

Airport Special Systems play a major role in determining the efficiency of an airport and the Quality of Service.

At AES, our approach in special systems is holistic – starting from our experts whose knowledge in terminal and airside operations enables us to provide our clients with solutions for the current and future demands.

Our Projects

Higher Quality of Service

At AES, we welcome the challenges airports face in constant changes and demands for new or upgraded ICT systems, including systems for resources management, flow management, process and control facilities for passengers, baggage handling systems and more. Our experts help design and supervise the implementation of new systems with proven technologies.

Our experts have guided many airports through close collaboration and coordination, while understanding their unique operational processes, to install better systems which are reliable, efficient and cost-effective that led to an optimized operation and improved quality of service.


Our Airport Special Systems services include representing the client in coordination, procurement and commissioning for special systems as well as project development, design / engineering, feasibility and gap analysis, cost and budget studies and asset management for special systems which include :

IS – Integration System (Airport Systems)
VGDS – Visual Guidance Docking System
BIS – Building Integration System
PAS – Public Address System
MIS – Management Information System
AGL – Airfield Ground Lighting
FIDS – Flight Information Display System
ALCMS – Airfield Lighting Control System
BHS – Baggage Handling System
Navigational aids
BIDS – Baggage Information Display System
Meteorological & auxiliary systems
RMS – Resource Management System
& other ICT
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