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Operational Readiness

and Airport Transfer (ORAT)

Throughout the years, Airport Openings and subsequently Start-up Airport / Terminal Facility Operations have faced many challenges. From major issues in operations, ranging from failed AOBD and BHS systems, to major people readiness issues, including unfamiliar and untrained staff, Airport Openings throughout the world continue to face many challenges.

At AES, our experts bring with them the best practices to contribute and provide for successful activation of airport terminal facilities. AES brings forward a holistic ORAT vision to help Clients, who have invested billions of federal, state, local, and private dollars on planning, design, and construction of new and rehabilitated airport terminal facilities, succeed. Whether the Airport Facility is opened in phases, or at once, AES ORAT experts are able to lead or support efforts for activation.

Operational Systems

From Organization to Planning to Execution and Acceptance, we have numerously bridged the gap between construction completion and successful transferred operations. We work closely with the client and alongside the many stakeholders and consultants to avoid apply the lessons learnt and avoid the issues we have seen in airport openings which include:

General Contractor / construction delayed progress
System installation progress stalled and missing key interfaces and integration
Incomplete commissioning progress
Delayed acceptance of facilities and systems
Incomplete Contractor required Training
Stakeholder Inadequate Recruitment and training of staff
Inadequate Stakeholder Planning and concept of operations
Incomplete training and familiarization progress
Stalled and unclear Handover progress

Other Operational Systems

In addition, AES provides experts in various operational areas to supplement Airport Operators during and after the opening. Areas of Expertise include:

Airside Operations
Airside Operational Planning and Procedures
Terminal Operations
Terminal Operational Planning and Procedures
Command and Control Centers
Air traffic Control
Commercial and Financial Strategic Planning and Management
Operational training
And moreā€¦
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"Operation is the key to the whole success"

Clark Young